Monday, August 24, 2009

Weigh In 8/24/09

My first weigh in.  This morning I was 177 lbs.  Which I believe was a slight increase over the weekend, but that's understandable as this weekend was very hectic (my wife got into a car accident, I had to help my mom with some plumbing issues, and it was my 6th and anniversary yesterday). Here is the chart of my weight for the past week:

The way makes their charts is very interesting.  They know that due to various factors, the body weight tends to fluctuate day to day, but for healthy weight loss what really matters is consistent, gradual loss over time.  So what they do is a pseudo-10 day average of your last weights to see where your weight seems to be moving.  The green area indicates that for those days (or in the case of this week, all last week) I was under my 10 day average weight.  Essentially green is good.  As long as I'm in the green I'm not gaining weight in the long term.  If you see it spike into the red it means I'm gaining weight.  As an example this is what my chart from two weeks ago looked like:

 That red (well, actually pink) spike shows that I was pulling my average up, therefore gaining weight.  If all this seems like it's way too complicated then just looks at it this way: green = losing weight, red/pink = gaining weight.  The more I'm in the green, the more I am on my way to my goal.

So the final numbers for today:
Actual weight: 177
10-day Average weight: 177.35

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