Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exercise and Food Log 8/27/09

Exercise Log: 

ExerciseTimeEst. Cals Burned
Treadmill (3.5 mph w/ variable incline to keep me in a HR of 150-160)27 min.200-225
TOTAL27 min.200-225

Food Log:
TimeQty. Food Cal Fat grams% Cal by Fat
8:00 am1 Cup Oatmeal (w/ 2 Tsp. Brown Sugar) 330 616%
11:00 am3/4 cup (approx.) Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken 300 920%
11:30 am2 cups (approx.) Salad (w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, and lite italian dressing) 80 5
6:00 pm2 cups (approx.) Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled pork w/ rice vermacelli + veggies) 250 518%
TOTAL 960 25

WOW, that calorie count seems VERY low.  I did meticulously log all food I ate today though and am not hungry.  Well, kinda, but I think that's more of a "Hey there's room in here still" feeling as opposed to "I NEED more food."  I think I've been stuffing my face for so long that I don't know the difference.  It probably also doesn't help that I eat like I'm in some sort of a competition.  Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters has caused me to develop a speed eating tactic that allowed me to get the good seconds before the other kids could.  This suited me well then; it suits me poorly now.  Now, I tend to eat so fast that I don't get the "I'm full" message until 10 minutes and plenty of food after my stomach sends it.  By then I've actually moved to the stuffed stage.  Watching my portions now is strange in the sense that I never get there anymore, so my brain is confused.  Hopefully these better eating habits lead to a natural ability to eat less simply by virtue of knowing how much food I can eat versus how much food I should eat.

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