Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exercise and Food Log 8/26/09

Exercise Log: 
YAY.  I finally got a work out in.  I REALLY didn't want to go do it.  I had no energy.  Post workout though, I feel GREAT.  Lots of energy, but a little hungry.  Good thing it was lunchtime post workout!
ExerciseTimeEst. Cals Burned
Treadmill (3.5 mph w/ variable incline to keep me in a HR of 150-160)30 min.230-260
Elliptical (variable resistance to keep me in a HR of 150-160)15 min.120-180
TOTAL45 min.350-440

Food Log:
TimeQty. Food Cal Fat grams% Cal by Fat
8:00 am1 Cup Oatmeal (w/ 2 Tsp. Brown Sugar) 330 616%
12:30 pm1 cup (approx.) Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken 400 920%
3:30PM6 Peanut butter crackers (w/ extra peanut butter) 380 2252%
6:30 PM2 Slices of Pepperoni Pizza 600 2538%
TOTAL 1710 6233%

Eek.  Today wasn't HORRIBLE, but wish I would have ate a bit less (I didn't think pizza was as bad as that, I was thinking MAYBE 200 cals per slice).  The 33% fat is higher than I'd like too.

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