Monday, August 24, 2009

Exercise and Food Log 8/24/09

Life happens. That's one thing I learned this weekend.  I had this grand debut planned and then life happened.  My wife got into a car accident this weekend, and our insurance couldn't give us a rental until this morning so today has been hectic as I had borrowed a car from a family member for the weekend and had to return it so my day has been a day full of coming and going to drop my wife off at the rental place, dropping the borrowed car off, and driving my bike back to work.  Add on top of this that there was a minor emergency at work that I had to get to, needless to say it's been a hectic day.  This has lead to two things: not being able to workout and being less structured about my eating.

Exercise Log: 
Other than walking up and down the stairs a few times and walking to and from my desk at work: none.  My lunch time exercise was instead used on trading vehicles.

Food Log:
TimeQty. Food Cal Fat grams% Cal by Fat
9:00 am20 oz. Diet Pepsi 0 00%
1:30 pm3 oz. Grilled Chicken Breast (boneless skinless) 150 318%
1:30 pm1/2 cup Yellow Rice 100 .55%
1:30 pm1/2 cup Lettuce Salad (no dressing w/ cherry tomatoes and cucumber) 20 00%
5:30 pm1 Turkey Sandwich (whole wheat bread, turkey, cheese, mustard) 275 1235%
8:00 pm2 cups Spinach Salad w/ Fat Free Ranch Dressing 60 00%
8:00 pm1 portion (about 1/4 lb. of beef and 1/4 box of shells and cheese) Homemade Hamburger Helper (ground beef + shells and cheese) 445 1836%
TOTAL 1050 33.529%

So, calorie wise I did okay. Perhaps a little low. I'm not trying to starve myself, was just a little bit too busy to eat. Not happy with my calories from fat (almost 30%), but I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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