Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exercise and Food Log 9/1/09

Exercise Log: 
None.  Lunch meetings again.  I don't have any tomorrow, so I should be able to get something in.

Food Log:
TimeQty. Food Cal Fat grams% Cal by Fat
8:00 AM1 Pear10000%
11:00 am1Publix Veggie Sub (Half on Wheat) 270 3.512%
8:00 PM1 bowl (2 cups) Chili (made w/ ground chicken, beans, tomatoes) 560 2134%
8:00 PM1 cup Mixed Veggies 90 110%
TOTAL 1020 25.523%

It can't be healthy to eat that little, but I'm honestly not hungry.


  1. Adam, man you need to eat a hell of a lot more food if you're being honest with that log. You're starving yourself thin. More meat, more veggies, less starch (bread, rice, potatoes etc) , no sugar etc. and more lifting of weights on the exercise front. :-)

    Oh and congratulations again on doing this.

  2. I think I am probably eating more than I'm logging in the sense that my calorie estimates may be low for home made foods.